Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road Trip!

I'm taking off tonight for the weekend.  Heading to Des Moines to visit my sister.  On the to-do list: seeing my sister's new apartment, lunch with an old friend, drinks, my sister's cooking, and most importantly - the Iowa State Fair.  The to-do list for the fair is even longer (air brushed t-shirts, foot-long corn dogs, deep fried snickers bars, take my picture in a big tractor, see the Butter Cow, prize-winning farm animals, etc. etc.).  Very much looking forward to it!  But in order to get there, I will be taking a 6 hour bus ride tonight so I'm stocked with all the necessities:

1. Trader Joe's dried mangos for a little evening snack.
2. My fully charged iPod so I can snooze in peace.
3. My infinity scarf, because I can wrap it all around me and you know those big buses get cold!  Mine is a homemade gift from a friend, but this one comes from American Apparel
4. A new read from the library.  Hope it's good!
5. The latest issue of People Magazine so I can keep up to date on all my celeb gossip while I'm away

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