Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Costume Ideas

My favorite part of Halloween is the costume-watching. Each year I am always amazed at the creativity.  Personally, I always feel so much pressure to think of something good for myself and it ends up being a total last minute thing.  I try not to spend much money on something I'm only going to wear one night.  So I'm always on the lookout for something cheap and easy to throw together.  These two great options would be easy to throw together!  They are cost-efficient, and each one includes at least one piece that you would actually get a lot of wear out of!

I love this Hamburgler costume from What I Wore.  I think it would be so much fun to slink along the streets of Chicago in this!  And it seems to be pretty simple.  Just red gloves and black boots.  The tie would be so easy - just glue hamburgers to a red thrift store tie.  The mask you can buy anywhere this time of year, or just make out out of a scrap of black fabric!  Just the hat and cape would take a bit of thought to find cheap versions - but I'm sure it can be done! (she used a cheap black bath towel for the cape!)  Especially with this Forever 21 striped dress that you would absolutely wear again and again!

A few years ago, me and my red-haired friend dressed up as the 2 girls from Scooby Doo.  I was Velma, and it was one of the easiest and most fun costumes ever!  It is a bunch of items that you would definitely wear again, so you don't feel like you are wasting money on silly things.  Just a red skirt, orange tights, black flats and and orange turtleneck.  I think this one from American Apparel looks perfect!  And with fake glasses being so "in" this year - you'd look more chic than geek!

What are you going to be this year?

Crazy Comic Makeup!

If this isn't great Halloween inspiration, I don't know what is!  A MAC Makeup artist did this model's hair and makeup to look like Roy Lichtenstein's famous comic book painting.  I believe this is several years old now, but it is still just as amazing as it was back then!  Can you imagine how long it must have taken?

Image via Killahbeez
Image via Art 98

Designer Pumpkins

Over at Refinery 29, they did a roundup of designer pumpkins.  Lots of sparkle and glam in these gourds!  It's such a fun "adult" way to carve and decorate pumpkins for Halloween!  Here's a few of my favorites!

Louis Vuitton Pumpkin

Miu Miu Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Champagne

Back when Ugly Betty was still on the air (Does anyone else miss that show but me?!) there were a few episodes that gave us a glimpse inside Wilhelmina's fabulous NYC home and she had a set of these gorgeous black champagne flutes.  For some reason those have always stuck in my mind as something I want to own.  They look so elegant but a little spooky and mysterious at the same time.  I just love the opaque look of them.  I've never been able to find the exact ones, but just recently I discovered that Target of all places sells something just like them!  I can't believe how long I've been lusting over them and they have been at Target this whole time! 
Midnight Black Champagne Flutes

Target actually sells a whole line of glasses in Midnight Black!
Perfect for a Halloween dinner party, don't you think?!

Spooky Shoes!

In the spirit of Halloween which is coming up this weekend, I thought I'd continue with the Halloween posts! 

I know some offices are into dressing up at work for Halloween, but my office isn't one of them.  I'm not sure I'd be okay with coming into work in full costume, but I would totally be okay with rocking some of these spooky Halloween shoes at work instead! 

Glitter 'N Glue created these amazing and quirky googly eye shoes (inspired by the Christian Louboutin version).  Wouldn't they be so much fun to wear?! I can only image the rattling sounds they make when she walks!

Image via Glitter 'N Glue

These Rockabilly Halloween Witches Zombie Flesh heels from NixxiRose are down right scary!

Image via NixxiRose's Etsy Shop

And these Sam Edelman Roza Pumps are just the right amount of eerie for daytime Halloween attire, and you might actually find a time to wear these again!
Image via Nordstrom

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Celebrities and Pumpkins

For the first time in years, I've actually got the urge to carve pumpkins for Halloween.  But of course, this is the first Halloween that I live in a huge condo building with no front stoop to display them on.  Sad!  However, if I did have a stoop, I would most definitely be using these celebrity pumpkin templates from TMZ.  Can you imagine seeing Susan Boyle's face lit up on a pumpkin on someone's front porch? So funny!

Susan Boyle

Pee Wee Herman

Audrina Patridge

Pretty and Pumpkins

Does Blake Lively ever not look good?  I've never seen anyone look this gorgeous while holding a pumpkin. I am constantly envious of her beautiful hair and perfectly put-together ensembles!

Photo via Refinery29

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Glitter Sunglasses

The inspiration:
Alexander McQueen Sunglasses
Jimmy Choo Oversized Sunglasses

The supplies:
A pair of cat-eye sunglasses and some glitter glue in any color you prefer!  I found using the actual glitter glue pens was much easier (and less messy) than applying the glue and the glitter separately.
These are from Charlotte Russe (only $5!!)
It was SO simple - just apply the glitter glue to the top outside corners of the sunglasses to add just a touch of glam and sparkle.

The finished product:

Okay, so it doesn't take a skilled DIY-er to pull this off, but I am obsessed with anything glittery and since I couldn't find a pair of glitter-accented sunglasses in my price range, I decided to make my own and thought I'd share the process with you :)

Madewell in the Midwest?!

I don't know how I didn't hear about this before, but Madewell just opened a store in Old Orchard Mall last week just outside Chicago!  I'm a little jealous we didn't get one in the city first, but it sounds like plan on opening one here in 2012.  I can't wait!  I've admired their stuff online for quite some time now, and it will be great to finally be able to see it in person and try it on!