Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Although I seem to buy a ton of it, I'm sort of make-up-illiterate.  I think I've got the basics down, but I've only got a few moves when it comes to applying eye shadows and liners.  I'm exceptionally challenged when it comes to blush.  It seems like it should be so simple, but I can never seem to find the right shade that looks noticeable, yet natural.  But I think I've finally found a few worth trying - they seem to be exactly what I need!

Stila's Custom Color Blush in Pink.  This blush reacts to your skin to give you your own custom shade of pink blush that will look perfect on you every time!

NARS blush in Orgasm won "Best Blush for Fair Skin," which sounds right up my alley, gives you the right amount of natural and healthy-looking color.
Now the question is, which of these great products to try first?!

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ChristaGirl said...

I have the NARS and it is fabulous! Just the right amount of shine/glitter to it!