Friday, August 19, 2011

Red Jeans

Ever since I heard my girl Kate bought a pair of red jeans, I feel like everyone has started wearing them and I've been dying for a pair of my own.  Her's (and pretty much everyone else's) are J Brand, which, although they are gorgeous, they are a bit out of my desired price range.  But today I was browsing the blog Made By Girl, and she posted a photo of herself in red jeans that looked just like the J Brand ones, only they were from Hot Topic!  Who what have guessed that?!  They are an absolute steal at just $29!! Unfortunately they are down to only size 00 and 1 left on the website, but I'll be checking back periodically to see if they re-stock.  The real question is, when are we finally going to see Kate wearing them?!

Hot Topic's Tripp Red Skinny Jeans
J Brand Skinny Leg Bright Red Jeans

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