Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mmmmm Egg Mayo

Is it wrong that I'm a sucker for egg salad?  I could eat hard-boiled eggs pretty much any time of day.  When I was in London, they actually sold what they quite cleverly called, "Egg Mayonnaise,"  in plastic tubs, ready to eat.  Some of my favorite nights were when I stopped at the store after work, picked up a tub of egg mayo and a baguette, sat on the couch and watched the same 4 episodes of Friends 3 times in a row (it was one of the only American shows and few channels we got) and ripped off the baguette piece by piece and scooped up the egg mayo goodness.

Mmmmmm Sainsbury's Egg Mayo Deli Filler.  Delish!
If I was feeling especially fancy, I'd stop by Pret a Manger during lunch and pick up a pre-made egg mayo sandwich.  Oh, and of course a Love Bar for dessert :)

My absolute favorite egg mayo sando came from this AMAZING deli/bakery near my office on Praed Street in London.  It was called Bonne Bouche.  After I started thinking about it, I spent about a half hour desperately googling it, looking for a website or a menu so that I could reminisce about all my favorite sandwiches and hazelnut cookie bars I used to get from there, but unfortunately they don't have a website.  Not all of the money I blew in London was on clothes, a lot of it went to this wonderful place.

Seriously, if you go to London, go here.
This extremely long blog post devoted to egg mayonnaise was inspired by this recipe I found on Real Simple's website.  I made some egg salad last night to eat with saltines for dinner and I decided it was time to spice it up.  When it comes to my egg salad, I'm very British about it - just egg and mayo.  But I decided to add some more flavor the next time.  I think this recipe - Curried Egg Salad might be just right. Although, I think I might skip out on the pumpernickel bread. I'm quite satisfied with my saltines.

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich from Real Simple.

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