Monday, August 8, 2011


I discovered a new drink on vacation this weekend that is the most sweet and delicious drink ever.  I was introduced to Pinnacle Vodka's new flavor, Whipped Cream, a few months ago and I was giddy with excitement (Have you seen how many other flavors they have?! It's insane! Cake, cotton candy, root beer.  They even have a "Gummy" flavor!).  Whipped cream is seriously one of my favorite foods (is whipped cream considered a "food"?).  I couldn't really figure out what to drink it with until a bartender in Missouri suggested pairing it with cranberry juice.  Oh.Em.Gee was it good!  The cranberry broke up some of the sweetness and it tasted like pure bliss.  Sort of like a light red velvet cake. I am officially hooked.

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