Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chicago Hot Spot: Broadway Antique Market

This past weekend I decided to hop on the Broadway bus and head north to check out the Broadway Antique Market.  There's nothing I like better than a good thrift store, and antique stores are almost like designer thrift stores.  You can find upscale treasures that are in great condition.  This place was way bigger than I was expecting and had SO many things I wanted!  Including about 30 different globes in all sizes and colors.  It took everything I had not to buy each and every one of them.  I absolutely love globes and I only own two which is far from being considered a "collection" so obviously I need more, right?  I also had to resist all the gorgeous CathrineHolm dishes they had in store.  I am determined to own a set of these mixing bowls someday, but it didn't seem right to spend $50 on just one, so I'm holding out.  Overall, it was a great store, and a lot of fun to look around! I will definitely be back.

CathrineHolm dishes.  Image via Bohemian Vintage.

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