Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've recently discovered a new love for Ampersands. Not only is the word itself super fun to say, but I think they are such a cute and subtle way to reference love or togetherness. Now that I'm co-habitating, I find myself wanting to incorporate little ampersands here and there around the apartment. I've looked around and found a little inspiration on how to incorporate them into my home.
I adore the color of this wooden ampersand from Hindsvik's etsy shop.  It would be perfect for my bookshelf!

I love what they did with this chair on Apartment Therapy! This could be a good idea for my dining room table makeover...maybe an ampersand painted on each chair seat?

This Ampersand pillow from Gracioushome's Etsy Shop, would make the perfect throw pillow on our bed!

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