Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amazon gift card contest

The Downtown Boutique is hosting a great contest to win a $40 Amazon.com gift card! To enter, just leave a comment here on her blog, telling her what you would purchase with the money.

Me? I'd complete my Harry Potter collection. I currently have books 2, 3 and 7, so as you can see I'm missing quite a few. I bought book 7 in London, book 3 on sale for $4 at Marshalls, and yesterday on my way home from work I stopped in this great little used book store where I found book 2 for $4 as well. It was an amazing little shop, packed so tightly only one person could fit in each aisle at a time. The whole place smelled like dusty old books, which is a surprisingly wonderful smell. And the sweet bearded old man that worked there, asked each customer to shut off their cell phones as they entered the store. I spent quite a while in there, not even looking for anything in particular, and I definitely plan to return soon.

My most recent Amazon purchase was Augusten Burroughs' book Possible Side Effects. I was reading it on the train this morning and he wrote one short story about a trip he took to London, describing it as a place he "considers to be perfect." And I couldn't agree more. He just confirmed his status of being my favorite author.

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