Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Art!!

Lately I've been searching the internet (with little luck) for the perfect piece of artwork for our kitchen. I've passed on all the obvious pieces like this and this because I want something totally different and unique. But I've been running out of ideas as to where to search online, so of course I ventured to craigslist next to see what the Chicago locals were giving up. Through my search I came across the art of Patrick Skoff, a really talented artist with an awesome approach to art. Every week or so he creates dozens of new and beautiful paintings and leaves them in random places all over the city of Chicago and then posts photos of them along with clues as to where to find them on his website. How cool is that?? Free art!! It's so cool how excited everyone gets about it. As people find his work, they take pictures of themselves with the artwork displayed in their home and email it to him with a short note as to how they found it which he then posts on his website. I'm determined to find one of these masterpieces, but with his increasing popularity, if you don't nab one within 15 minutes after he posts the clues, you're out of luck!

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skoff said...

thanks for the blog, can i add a link to this on my website? p.s. there will be another hunt in the near future.