Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitchen Art

I love the idea of art in the kitchen.  I think there is no better way to give your kitchen more personality or color.  Here's a few prints I've found that I would just love to have in my kitchen.  Especially that conversions would save me so many trips to the computer to google them myself!

Kitchen Conversions poster from SweetFineDay.  It comes in teal and white too!

Artichoke Heart Painting from Fine Artichoke Prints.  Definitely check them out...they have so many great prints!

My parents have this Periodic Table of Vegetables poster in their kitchen.  I love the antique-ish look of it.  You can find it lots of places, I found it at Food Posters.  And it does include Tomatoes...does this mean they are in fact a vegetable and not a fruit?!

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Anonymous said...

To give a link to Food Poster is not very helpful.Can you provide a link to the url of purchasing this poster?I will like to buy it.