Friday, December 3, 2010

Jewelry Hanger

I was catching up on the blog decor8 yesterday and came across a post about the home of a Norwegian design blogger, Siw Haveland (blogger of Design Shimmer).  First of all, her home is just incredible.  Her bedroom has to be my favorite room in her house, from the blankets to the closet headboard.  But the most inspirational part of it to me was the way she displayed her jewelry on a hanger...

It is so simple and looks so great!  So I decided to try it myself.  The best part was it only cost me $1 for the ribbon.  (gotta love that half-off Christmas ribbon at Michaels!) I have an accordion closet door, so it can easily be tucked away inside.  I am quite pleased with it :)

1 comment:

Shelayna said...

So adorable! AND cheap! My 2 favorite things :)