Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Ellen,

Yesterday was the deadline to sign up to win 2 roundtrip tickets to LA for Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways show. I never miss a chance to sign up for anything Ellen because I am determined to find a way to get to her show. To enter you had to write a short story about yourself that would be judged on how inspirational it is to others as well as how humorous it is. I couldn't think of any big inspirational moment in my life to write about so I decided to tell Ellen about something I deal with everyday. I wasn't planning on sharing my entry with anyone else, but after much encouragement from my pal Bruce, I've decided to share it with you so you can see just how funny I really am.

"Ellen, I suffer from a severe case of clumsynitis. Symptoms include but are not limited to: sudden impact with wall corners, toe stubbititus, foot function failure and butterfingers syndrome. This is something I have struggled with for several years now and something that has proven to be a daily challenge for me whether it is walking up (or down) a flight of stairs or attempting to hold several avocados at once. I am slowly fighting the fight to overcome this hardship and at the same time I am a walking (and tripping) reminder to others suffering from this illness that it is possible to live a normal and healthy life even if you are as clumsy as I am. I have shown others that it is possible to still be beautiful even with bruised knees from bumping the corners of the coffee table and papercuts all over your hands. I have shown others that it is still possible to be cool even when you miss your mouth when taking a swig of beer and it spills down your chin or when you knock over a shelf of books at a second hand store. I have shown others that it is still possible to be poised even when you trip on the sidewalk while in your hottest outfit in front of the most gorgeous guy. I live my life sharing my safety tips and bandaids with those around me and I will continue to be an inspiration to others struggling with this frustrating condition."

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